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Programme 2022-2026 : Vision Inclusive

More women, men, girls and boys, especially the most vulnerable, are receiving holistic support to access quality basic social services, including eye care integrated with primary health care and inclusive or professionalizing education.

Programme 2022-2026 : Vision Inclusive

To achieve this outcome, the following groups of activities will be carried out through our five-year program: 

  • Supporting training (staff of local partners & beneficiaries)

Training partner providers, especially women, will be one of the keystones of this intervention and different modalities will be used to do so.

Supporting basic training for visually impaired children and vocational training for young people (girls and boys) in the streets will also be part of the plan.

  • Strengthening the logistical capacities of target structures 

The operational partners of the program will be provided with the necessary materials & equipment for the optimal implementation of activities in order to achieve the outcome. Some will receive support in infrastructure whose construction must respect the specific needs of women and people living with disabilities as well as the requirements of the environment.

  • Ensuring the supply of specific and other inputs to stakeholders

The aim will be to strengthen the regional distribution centre in Lubumbashi to ensure the sustainable availability of medicines and other specific eye care inputs for target hospitals.

  • Encouraging the demand/effective use of the services supplied

We will work with all actors involved in this intervention, particularly local partners, to ensure that mechanisms to facilitate access to healthcare are operational in the target provinces. In addition, social mobilization sessions will be conducted to ensure that visually impaired children attend school and that street children access vocational training.

  • Contributing to the improvement of the strategic and operational functioning of the program's local partners

Under this typology of activities, it will be a question of supporting the structural and functional reorganization as well as the governance of the partners.


Total budget of the Vision inclusive program: EUR 2,234,279

Of which:

EUR 1,787,423 was funded by the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD). 

EUR 446,856 from the NGO’s private funds.

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