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Make a donation

There are several opportunities to work with us to help achieve the objectives of our Program in Congo. Your contribution can consist of: either financial donations, or making your time and/or your compensation available, or by organizing events for the benefit of our non-profit organization. Your initiatives make the difference! We also issue tax certificates for any donation of 40 EUR or more. These certificates give you a tax reduction!

One-time donation

You can support the realization of our program and the expected results by donating a donation that finances a concrete activity or supports our program.

Monthly donation

If you wish to support our actions on a regular basis, please record your monthly donation to Rotary Clubs for Development with a permanent assignment. These amounts are then immediately allocated to the ongoing actions. If you donate 40,00 EUR or more, you can become a member of our association. In addition, your donation is tax deductible.

Other donations

There are also various other possibilities to support the realization of our program and our work: becoming a member or volunteer, sharing this information with your friends and acquaintances, organizing an action in your club or association, etc...

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