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Programme 2017-2021: Ensemble Avançons

Sustainably improve people's well-being in a participatory approach by strengthening local initiatives and community empowerment.

Programme 2017-2021: Ensemble Avançons

The program aims to sustainably improve the well-being of communities in the DRC through a participatory approach. It is through community transformation in health, education, economic and agricultural development and the rights of men and women that the overall improvement of the well-being of the population will be achieved. 

To achieve this outcome, the following specific objectives have been carried out through the five-year program; 

  • First, improving access to quality basic services, with priority given to health. To this end, particular attention will be paid to the development of the mutualist dynamic to ensure the universal right to quality primary health care; 

  • Second, the programme aims to increase and diversify the income of the population, with a view, in particular, to facilitating access to health care through its economic and rural development; 

  • Finally, the program aims to improve health governance and more broadly human rights, through the active participation of civil society.


Total budget of the Ensemble Avançons program: EUR 2,366,509.53

Of which:

EUR 1,893,207.62 was funded by the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD),

EUR 473,301.91 from the NGO’s private funds. 

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